Why Use Organic Shower Gels? The Benefits

Why Use Organic Shower Gels, for an aromatherphy bath

Over the years, we have seen an increase in people who have made the switch to organic products. And we completely support them. 

Aside from organic food, manufacturers of day-to-day items have also introduced organic versions of their popular products. Take shower gels, for example. We now have an assortment of organic shower gels to choose from, so we can be confident about using all-natural ingredients on our bodies. Not only will it provide us with multiple skincare benefits, but it will also help us save the environment.

If you’re still contemplating making the switch, we’re here to help you. So if you’re one of those who often ask, “why use organic shower gels?”, here are the benefits to help you make a decision.

1.Organic Shower Gels Use All-natural Ingredients

One of the biggest reasons why you should make the switch to organic shower gels is that it only contains all-natural ingredients. 

Unlike regular shower gels, their organic counterparts do not contain any artificial ingredients. While these artificial ingredients can help make the shower gel lather up faster, they do not offer any real skincare benefits. That means you’re paying for something with useless ingredients.

Also, artificial ingredients such as parabens can trigger skin conditions like eczema – and that’s something you don’t want near your skin.

In contrast, using an organic shower gel ensures that you’re only applying skin-friendly ingredients all over your body. You know that each component works hand-in-hand with the others to deliver the best results. And for that, your skin will surely thank you.

2.Organic Shower Gels Do Not Contain Harmful Ingredients

Another reason why you should use organic shower gels is that it does not contain any harmful ingredients. As a result, you can see and feel the positive results in just a few days.

Remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body, and it serves as the protective layer against external pollutants and irritants. It keeps our internal organs safe from external harm. But, that doesn’t mean that the skin is completely indestructible. 

Our skin can absorb certain chemicals, which could then make their way inside our bodies. If we’re not picky about the products we use on our skin, we could suffer from long-term effects such as eczema or skin cancer. And we certainly don’t want that to happen.

Fortunately, organic shower gels do not contain harmful ingredients or additives that could be absorbed by the skin. Following the same logic, wouldn’t it be nice to know that our skin will only be absorbing safe, all-natural, and skin-friendly ingredients? That’s why you should go organic.

3.Organic Shower Gels Help Improve Our Skin’s Condition

As previously mentioned, organic shower gels contain safe and all-natural ingredients. As a result, these ingredients can greatly improve our skin’s condition.

Since we now have a wide selection of organic shower gels to choose from, these options may also contain various ingredients. The purpose is so that each can target different skin concerns – you’d be surprised by what mother nature has provided for us.

For example, an organic shower gel can contain jojoba oil, known for treating skin conditions like eczema and similar allergies. It can also serve as a humectant that seals in the skin’s moisture barrier. That leaves you with supple and healthy skin all day long.

Another known ingredient in these organic shower gels is olive oil. Aside from its moisturizing properties, this natural plant-based oil can also slow down the signs of aging.

Without a doubt, organic shower gels are meant to improve our skin – and are more effective at it than non-organic ones.

4.Organic Shower Gels Are Usually Rich In Natural Antioxidants

Since the skin serves as our body’s primary layer of protection, there’s no denying that it is exposed to harmful external factors. And one of the most damaging is the sun’s UV rays. 

When the skin is exposed to the sun for a long time, it risks losing its natural elasticity, and that often leads to premature aging and unsightly sunspots. It can also lead to sagging and other similar skin damage. 

Fortunately, organic shower gels have the solution. These shower gels are rich in vitamin E, which is best known for its antioxidant properties. 

These natural antioxidants help the skin cells regenerate faster while getting rid of dead and dull skin cells. As a result, we benefit from faster cell turnover to give us that young and youthful glow. It also strengthens the skin to prevent the same damage from re-occurring. 

5.Organic Shower Gels Help With Allergies

Another reason why you should choose an organic shower gel is that it can help you with your allergies. These shower gels also contain naturally occurring anti-inflammatory ingredients that can help soothe irritated skin. Ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera can also help reduce redness and prevent it from irritating your skin again. So if you often suffer from skin allergies, going organic will save you from all that discomfort.

Also, organic shower gels do not contain artificial perfumes. If you have a sensitive nose, there’s no doubt that these can help you bathe without sneezing too much.

However, we have to remind you to always check the label first. This is because some of you may be allergic to it – even if it’s all-natural. So to be safe, always check first if it won’t trigger any allergies.

6.Organic Shower Gels Are Great For The Environment

Not a lot of people know this, but organic shower gels are great for the environment. These organic alternatives are often made from sustainable and plant-based ingredients. There’s no need to power up a laboratory or a factory just to produce its ingredients. 

They can also be made without operating machines. As a result, its production process does not cause any harmful effects on the environment. 

Organic shower gels are also known to be cruelty-free. If you’re an advocate of animal rights, then that’s all the more reason to support these products. 

There’s no denying that organic shower gels are far superior to their non-organic counterparts. Aside from being great on the skin, they’re also sustainable, do not harm the environment, and do not support animal cruelty. They’re also easy on the budget

Thus, we see no reason why you should still stick to regular shower gels. If you truly love your skin, then all-natural is the way to go.