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Esker Fields Maria Morgan

Welcome To Esker Fields

Esker Fields is a range of natural aromatherapy skincare products. All the products are handmade using natural ingredients and pure essential oils in Co. Louth. All the ingredients and essential oils are specifically chosen with care for their therapeutic properties.

Esker Fields products will not only heal, soothe and improve the appearance of the skin, nails & hair they will also help relieve stress and anxiety, ease muscular aches & arthritic pain and aid sleep.

However, Esker Fields is not just another skincare product range they are an Aromatic Sensory Experience that makes you feel amazing!!! What makes the products unique is how the products make you feel as a result of using them. Therefore it is important to mindfully apply the products to the skin, taking time to enjoy the sensation on the skin and inhaling the delicious aromatic aromas.

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