Bespoke Aromatherapy Products

Bespoke Aromatherapy Products

Each Esker of Fields bespoke aromatherapy products is meticulously crafted by hand and carefully selected for its skin-nourishing properties using only natural ingredients. Several skin-loving vitamins and plant botanicals are included in each of our products, and these ingredients have qualities that help moisturise, soothe, protect, and revitalise skin. Our aromatherapy blends are not only beneficial for your skin, but they can also be used to uplift, calm, and ease muscle pains and discomfort. Sensitive skins are vital to us, and we make every effort to provide soft and kind products to them. Our Esker Fields line includes a ‘Soothing’ variety specially formulated for sensitive skin. Our Esker Fields Spa range has a ‘Sensitive’ type specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Bespoke Aromatherapy Products by Ekser Fields

It is possible to get a radiant, supple, and healthy complexion by using the proper type and balance of plant oils, regardless of age or skin type. If you have sensitive or dry skin, combination or oily skin, mature or hormonal skin, or blemish-prone skin or suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea, or if you would like a customised skincare product explicitly designed for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Esker Fields employs high-quality, cold-pressed, 100 per cent natural plant oils and essential oils that are chosen specifically for your skin, with organic ingredients whenever feasible. Esker Fields products are moisturising, balancing, and nourishing, and they are designed to work together.

Get Skincare Products for Your Needs

After answering a quick questionnaire given to you through email, a blend of plant oils and essential oils, each specifically chosen for its therapeutic advantages to suit your needs, will be designed, prepared and made accessible to you within a few days for you to try out and enjoy.

We offer a consultation service and can make bespoke aromatherapy blends just for you and your particular needs. We have our range of aromatherapy products that help with wellbeing; however, if you would like something made just for you, using essential oils specific to your needs, or simply using oils you particularly love, then this is where we can make a product with you in mind. 

We at Esker Fields are passionate about the products we use on our customers’ skin. Our products are devoid of parabens, mineral oil, artificial colours and scents, and other skin irritants that have been identified. Many of our goods are vegan-friendly, and we never test our products on animals of any kind. We are putting out significant effort to make our product packaging as sustainable and recyclable as feasible, and we repurpose delivery packaging materials for our deliveries.

Aromatherapy is one of the many ways that can help enhance your wellness. It is a holistic therapy using essential oils to maintain and promote the mind, body and spirit. Or maybe you need them to relax a little bit. Contact us to get your bespoke aromatherapy products from Esker Fields.